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About Me

I’m a self-teaching full-stack developer that has completed the front-end section of Codecademy’s full-stack path. Over the years, I have learned the fundamentals of programming at a basic level, multiple times, but I was otherwise involved with a discipline that has remarkably prepared me for this role as my workflow has remained exactly the same. I treat Codecademy as my client and instead of editing or creating audio information, I am editing and or creating code. I never thought in a million years I would find a field, science, or craft that could light my brain up the same way that music has done for the last sixteen years, but I have.


Website Style Guide

This self-guided project uses HTML and CSS.

Dasmoto's Arts & Crafts

This self-guided project uses HTML and CSS.

Cave Person Quote Generator

This self-guided project uses Javascript.

MAN Perfume Shaped Website

This self-guided project uses HTML and CSS.


You can view my code management here.